SE12005 Beaker low form with plastic handle

GG-17 high polymer boron silicon glass, of the same type as American “PYREX” and Japanese “H-32” glass, possesses excellent physical and chemical properties. It is the best basic material used for instruments in the country and even in the world. Products made of such glass are excellent competitors in the world and very popular.

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O.D.mm Height mm pcs/ctn ctn size/cm
Length Width Height volume/ctn
500 89 117 72 65 41 42 0.112
800 104 138 54 73 35 49 0.125
1000 114 152 36 74 43 35 0.111

GG-17 high polymer boron silicon glass, of the same type as American “PYREX” and Japanese “H-32” glass, 
possesses excellent physical and chemical properties. It is the best basic material used for instruments in the country and even in the world. 
Products made of such glass are excellent competitors in the world and very popular.
The following are the main technical targets of GG-17 glass:
1.Chemical Compositions:

SiO2 B2O3 Al2O3 R2O
80.50% 12.85% 2.10% 4.40%
2.Coefficient of linear expansion:
3.3×10-6 (20’C~300’C)
3.Properties of heat-resistance and fast change:
260’C~280’C (sample 250 ml breaking)
4.chemical properties:

Water-resistance Alkali-resistance Acid-resistance
Grade I Grade II Grade I

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